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Optimizing Your Network for the PCLaw® Software - General Considerations

Consider the following items when you optimize your environment for the PCLaw software:

LexisNexis does not accept responsibility for the consequences of the suggested modifications.

Consult a qualified technician to complete the suggested changes. Please contact PCLaw Customer Support if you or your technician have questions or concerns about the information on this page.

PCLaw Version

Run the latest version to enhance the performance of the PCLaw software in your environment. Refer to Finding Your Current Version of the PCLaw Software for more information on the version you currently use. Run Live Update to get the latest version.



Antivirus programs scan files that you save on your workstation or server. Although there are many free versions of antivirus programs available, we do not support free versions because these programs default to scan On-Access. We suggest that you operate a business or enterprise version of an antivirus program to allow for greater control of when and what the program scans.

We also suggest that you operate an antivirus program specifically designed for networks. A network antivirus program provides the options you need to improve database performance, eliminate data corruption, and prevent network collisions.

You cannot exclude specific data files from an antivirus scan when you run PCLaw Version 9 or higher and you use LexisNexis Credit Card Processing, but you can still control the On-Access scanning options.


Windows Security

Local File Security:

During installation the PCLaw software installs files to the C:\Program Files\LexisNexis directory. Log into the system as a Local Administrator when you install the PCLaw software to ensure it has full access to the system and that it makes all of the registry entries. Log off after installation and log back into the system as the end-user to make sure that all PCLaw features function properly.

Registry Security:

The PCLaw software creates the HKCU/Software/LexisNexis registry key. End-users require full control of this key.

Consult your Network or System Administrator for more information on adjusting security settings.

Server File Security:

Sever File Security consists of Share Level Security and File Level Security.

Share Level Security controls your security level for the files located at the PCLaw software's access point to the server. The PCLaw software requires full access to the files located at the access point.

Files located on a server inherit their File Level Security from their parent folder. The PCLaw software requires full access to these files and folders.


Peer-to-Peer networks that use Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 as a server are only subject to Share Level Security.


Other Software

There are other software programs, such as older versions of Auto Defragmentation programs, that cause issues when you use them with the PCLaw software. These programs operate on either a server or workstation to move files around on the hard drive to improve efficiency, but they often conflict with the PCLaw software.

If you experience issues, verify that you are on the latest version of your Auto Defrag program. Disable the program if you continue to experience problems with the PCLaw software.


Refer to Optimizing Your Network for the PCLaw Software - Overview for more information about optimizing your network for the PCLaw software.